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We help brands win by achieving limitless scale using comprehensive cross-channel strategies. We understand that every brand is unique and that the combination of channels and the strategic approach must be nimble, innovative, and at times unconventional. 

Performance is the foundation of who we are and why every marketing strategy comes personally catered to your business.

Digital Lovers

Digital is so core to our business, its in our name. At CDE, we believe digital is the future and the future for most businesses is growing online. How to sell your brand online is changing every day, that’s why we take it upon ourselves to be up to date on what’s happening to bring your business the best results.

We stop at nothing

Our number one aim is to help our clients grow. We accept there will be obstacles, but we always press on to find the most cost effective ways to grow our clients business.

We are principled

We promote a company culture where everyone treats everyone respect. We welcome people of all beliefs and opinions to create a strong foundation of diverse ideas to provide for our clients.

We are creative Scientists

In digital marketing, success is part creativity and part experimentation. That’s why at CDE, we train our team to be creative scientists. Encouraging our team to try things helps us discover the growth strategies of tomorrow, so you can take use of them today.

We are Strong Communicators

At CDE,  communication is key to our clients success. We work tirelessly to create processes that assure the highest level of communication so nothing falls through the cracks.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

discovering the growth strategies of tomorrow.

At CDE, the core mission of our business is being on the cutting edge. We seek to discover the growth strategies of tomorrow to help grow your business today. Everyday we are on the forefront of developing new strategies in technology to help charter future proof growth plans for our clients in a digital world.

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The CDE Difference

CDE Culture

With CDE we don’t see ourselves as just an agency. With every client we bring on, we offer a level of personalization and care that makes us feel as an invested member of your company’s team. 

Our hyper-personalized, omnichannel strategy helps at look at your strategy and offer service packages that best fits your company’s needs starting with traffic and conversion, all the way through customer retention

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