Luke Metzler

case Study for Organic Growth and Paid Social Ads

The Goal

Core Digital Expansion was tasked with growing Luke Metzler’s social media channels. This included growing his presence on Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

The Strategy

First, our organic social team got together and started looking for youtube search topics that could yield a high search volume, but hadn’t been highly penetrated yet. At the time, we identified Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ as a topic with rising search volume week over week with fairly little youtube content built around it. We hypothesized combining Old Town Road with the upcoming Avengers Endgame movie would have high chance of being successful. The result, an Old Town Road Parody “Old Thanos Road” that went on to obtain 32 million views on youtube.

After the first successful video, with trial and error, we replicated our process for finding high volume search topics we hypothesized our audience would want to engage in which helped grow Luke’s Youtube to 380,000 followers.

In addition, we helped Luke Metzler advanced his original music career as well. We produced, directed, and edited Luke Metzler’s music video for song ‘serious’ which has garnered 1 million views across social platforms. We also developed an ad campaign on Instagram for his original song ‘Green Hill Zone’ which increased his monthly listeners by 1600%.

Starting in 2020 we also devised as a strategy to develop a Tik Tok presence for Luke. Tapping into the anime community, we helped him craft memes and provocative videos that got him to 11,000 followers in his first 6 months on the platform.

435,000 subscribers  on Youtube over two years

200,000+ Listens  on Spotify and Soundcloud

11,000 Followers on Tik Tok in first 6 months

1600%+ monthly spotify listens from Instagram Ads 

240+ million views
across social media platforms

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